The Art of Being Happy workshop

Without a clear vision of your future it is easy to end up bobbing along on the ocean of life, totally at the mercy of the waves.

But life doesn't need to be like that...

What is the Art of Being Happy?:

Happiness comes from living on purpose with our life.  So why do so many people not live a life on purpose.  There are many reasons why, though often it has t do with our beliefs and conditioning.  We believe that we can't do that.  That we have to have a 9 to 5 job.  That we aren't good enough...

So over time the dreams we once had melt away.  Or we get so used to having to do things to pay the bills, that we lose sight of the possibilities around us.

What you'll Experience:

Visioning - 

In this workshop you will learn an immensely powerful technique for reconnecting with your vision of the future.  This isn't merely trying to imagine how life could be, for if you don't know what you want how can you envision it?

The technique you will learn taps deep into our intuition and will help you to discover or re-discover the perfect future for you.

Raising your Belief - 

Once you have your vision you'll need the tools to help you raise your belief in manifesting that sort of life.  Even when we can see what you want out of life, our subconscious thinking can easily push that vision to the sideline, as we think, 'I can never live a life like that'.

In the second part of the workshop I share the power of fusing the logical and creative sides of your brain to create art that anyone can create (you don't need to be a Picasso, honest!) that when you see every day powerfully works to shift your belief in creating what you want.

The Workshop:

This whole day workshop is being held at the beautiful boutique B&B Number 58, Plymouth Road, Tavistock, Devon.  Accommodation is available at an extra cost.

Lunch and refreshments are included, as are art materials.  All you will need to bring is a notebook and pen.

Workshop starts with refreshments at 10:4 am and will end between 5pm to 6pm.

The Art of Being Happy Workshop

  This workshop will be run at Boutique B&B Number 58, Plymouth Road, Tavistock, Devon on Saturday 13th October 18.   10:45 am for refreshments.  Workshop starts at 11am.  Buffet lunch is provided.  Afternoon refreshments.  Workshop ends at 6pm.  Please bring a notebook and pen.  Art materials will be provided.

£60.00 GBP