I set up my business "Why Follow the Herd," to empower you to create positive change in your personal and professional lives.  

Having lost my dad a couple of weeks after my fifteenth birthday it took me many years to rebuild my loss of confidence and self-esteem that that tragedy left me with.  If only I knew then what I know now things would've been different. 

What that event did though, was lead me to personal and self development.  I followed that path for a while, but got side-tracked when I got an offer to train as a Chartered Management Accountant.  For me this was my first experience of following my intellect and not my heart.  Intellectually it was a good move, yet my heart didn't think so.  Six years later, fully qualified, I knew I had made the wrong decision, but by now I was tied up with an agreement to practice for at least a few years.  Slowly those few years became many more and I felt trapped in a profession that wasn't for me.  My only saving grace was managing wonderful staff in a holistic way. Watching them blossom in all areas of their life was truly magical.

After taking a leap of faith I made a transition to working within Transformation and Change as a Business Analyst and saw the impact of corporate restructures upon staff.  I could intuitively feel their level of fear, anxiety and stress. 

Seeing the way change was handled in a corporate way I knew I wanted to head back to my roots...personal development and coaching. 

Training as a Life Coach, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Licensed Heal your Life Teacher, a practitioner of the philosophy of Science of Mind and Emerson, and as a Certified Assertiveness Coach I got back my passion for life.  I now have the joy of empowering others across the world in creating the life of their dreams. 

Why follow the Herd was born from my own desire to share what I have learnt in overcoming the struggles in life and creating the life of your dreams.  I have created the life story I wish to tell and I can help you to achieve your dreams to.