Feel stuck where you are in life?  Feel things just don't seem to be working out as you'd like?  This webinar will help you to kick start your journey to living the life story you'll wish to tell.

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About Debbie Clement-Large, founder of Why follow the Herd?

Debbie is a Transformational Life Coach with an international reputation who believes every person has the potential to transform their life into one that is happier, more fulfilling, rewarding and more at peace.  Having made a huge journey of her own - from dealing with the trauma of her dad’s death after her fifteenth birthday, to losing her confidence and self-esteem, to studying for six years only to find herself in an unfulfilling job, to re-inventing her career several times… – She eventually began working in the arena of transformation and witnessed first-hand the effect that continuous positive support can have.  Debbie passionately believes that it’s never too late to positively change your life.


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